Boody - Sports Ankle Sock in Black

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Bamboo socks are such a must have. These ones from Boody are thick and cushioned, designed for being active. Bamboo is highly breathable and wicks away moisture.

Boody says:


Walking? Running? Going to the gym? Boody bamboo yarn is the perfect performance fabric, with natural anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties, a padded sole and a super soft finish.

Why Bamboo Fabric Socks?

Boody creates affordable luxury by crafting everyday essentials and underwear from viscose derived from bamboo. The result is a silky smooth base layer that keeps you cool and comfortable with seam-free stretch. Boody bamboo fabric maintains it’s shape and is great for sensitive skin. Bamboo fibers are naturally smooth and round with no sharp spurs to irritate skin. These are going to be your go-to sport sock.

80% rayon made from bamboo
17% nylon
3% spandex

Boody - Sports Ankle Sock in Black

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