It’s easy to see hemp as a super plant.

This crop resists pests on its own and is one of the fastest growing natural plants, meaning it needs no added chemicals to grow. It's been suggested that hemp produces up to 250% more fibre than cotton on the same amount of land.

Hemp also requires very little water and is capable of growing in a broad range of climates. The crop itself requires little processing to be made into fabric and will biodegrade easily when passed its use. Farmers have found it to be a great crop as it protects soil from erosion and returns nutrients into the ground as it grows, leaving soil healthy and fertile.

The fabric made from hemp is strong, breathable, antimicrobial and comfortable which means your clothes will last longer, stay fresher and feel better than fast fashion alternatives. Hemp fabric can be washed repeatedly without losing its shape. The more it's worn, the softer it becomes. Hemp is often blended with organic cotton or other fabrics to make it even softer.

Personally, we don’t think hemp is used enough. It's crazy that with all its benefits this fabric is so often overlooked.

We have some great hemp pieces; pioneering brand Hoodlamb call themselves the Hemp Tailors priding themselves in creating clothing with quality style and comfort. As they say hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres in the world. Here are some pieces that should stick in your wardrobe rotation for a long while.

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